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Jan 21|2015 - wednesday has a fast grocery list

i buy q-tips twice a year, tops.
then i have to remember where the hell i buy them at again. everytime.

"freedom hangs like heaven over everyone, ain't nobody knows what the newborn holds,
but a dollar says he'll lick that devil, and do it alone."
-freedom hangs like heaven|iron & Wine

neighours need to shut off their super early alarm clock.

plans are being drawn up for a museum weekend

eggos for supper? sure, im an adult.

False Alarm
Posted on 31 Jan 2015 By Colin

I did not plan to not update for a week as soon as my site was up but that's what happened, I've been sleeping terribly lately but its getting back under control.

Last week the ladyfriend and i went out to the ROM, basically a big museum here in toronto, we browsed, we brought our sketchbooks to draw a bit, i realized how terrible i am to draw and thats a whole other story but getting to the ROM was its own story.

In the city i am constantly looking around, it looks like im checking people out but what i'm really doing is checking out their bicycles. I check locked bicycles, i check them out as their riding past, i like bicycles. last march i bought a brand new bicycle, it cost a lost and it was the first real NEW bicycle since i was a teenager, then three weeks later it was stolen.

last week a block away from the ROM and the ladyfriend says to me as im checking out locked bicycles "that one sorta looks like your old bike" and i instantly stop in my tracks "what?" she asks

"i think it is my bike"

same make, same colour, same fenders i had installed, the quick releases all removed like i asked, same bike rack i had installed on purchase. i think its my bike. i dont have the serial number of mine on me, if i go home to get it this could be gone before i get back, so i get on the cold sidewalk, wipe away the dirt and grease around this ones serial number and snap a picture with my phone, while this happens a man walks up and asks if i am passed out.

i then call the cops, explain to them my situation. i filed a police report last year and gave them the serial number, so they have it, i read to them the one i just got from the picture and they tell me the news, it doesnt match. its not my bike. i was ready for that, but im pretty damn sure it came from the same shop.

i'll keep looking though, my bicycle is out there and i will get it back someday.
same bicycle, different owner apparently.

later days

Bike-Apocalypse #1
Posted on 23 Jan 2015 By Colin

this idea has been rattling around my head for ages, how long exactly? after going through my pictures and i figured this was the first one i took of this idea, on the thirtieth of march, twenty-ten. my idea is just that i take pictures of bicycles left locked yet broken down, parts stolen, rusted, or somehow no longer usable. i meant to take a bunch in a short span of time, put together an album and post it here on an earlier version of this site.

clearly that never happened.

back then i wanted to make a big post, lots of pics, and in a slideshow format. but to hell with that, new site and new format! i have some saved and im gonna post them from time to time while i search out new bikeapolypse subjects. enjoy.

i'm not sure what the foam around the down tube is there for.

later days

A Fresh Start
Posted on 27 Apr 2014 By Colin

So i backed up my old dotcom and then flat out deleted it. Now i am sorta scrambling to put together a placeholder while i slowly patch together a new one. The old site was a slow evolution from early html/photoshop learning up to a massive patchworked site that still didnt fit what i had imagined for it.

A few years back i tried to advance the site by adding a content editor that allowed comments, only to learn bots heavily preferred that system and after receiving 800 spam messasges all comments were banned, the content editor itself was clunky and what was supposed to make posting easier and faster only led to me posting less so i decided to go back in time. I was happier hardcoding everything and my html/css skills back then were much sharper, you can keep your web 2.0 features ill stick to notepad and my keyboard thank you very much.

so over the next little while this site will be very ugly while i nail down exact widths and heights of this and that and formats, then ill get back to the multi-design rotation of days of old, just my goal this time is to not use stock photos and to have everything done by me or at least done by someone i know who is ok with me using their photos.

time to open another beer and work.

later days

     Colin Gillis 2015