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Bike-Apocalypse #1
Posted on 23 Jan 2015 By Colin

this idea has been rattling around my head for ages, how long exactly? after going through my pictures and i figured this was the first one i took of this idea, on the thirtieth of march, twenty-ten. my idea is just that i take pictures of bicycles left locked yet broken down, parts stolen, rusted, or somehow no longer usable. i meant to take a bunch in a short span of time, put together an album and post it here on an earlier version of this site.

clearly that never happened.

back then i wanted to make a big post, lots of pics, and in a slideshow format. but to hell with that, new site and new format! i have some saved and im gonna post them from time to time while i search out new bikeapolypse subjects. enjoy.

i'm not sure what the foam around the down tube is there for.

later days

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     Colin Gillis 2015