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False Alarm
Posted on 31 Jan 2015 By Colin

I did not plan to not update for a week as soon as my site was up but that's what happened, I've been sleeping terribly lately but its getting back under control.

Last week the ladyfriend and i went out to the ROM, basically a big museum here in toronto, we browsed, we brought our sketchbooks to draw a bit, i realized how terrible i am to draw and thats a whole other story but getting to the ROM was its own story.

In the city i am constantly looking around, it looks like im checking people out but what i'm really doing is checking out their bicycles. I check locked bicycles, i check them out as their riding past, i like bicycles. last march i bought a brand new bicycle, it cost a lost and it was the first real NEW bicycle since i was a teenager, then three weeks later it was stolen.

last week a block away from the ROM and the ladyfriend says to me as im checking out locked bicycles "that one sorta looks like your old bike" and i instantly stop in my tracks "what?" she asks

"i think it is my bike"

same make, same colour, same fenders i had installed, the quick releases all removed like i asked, same bike rack i had installed on purchase. i think its my bike. i dont have the serial number of mine on me, if i go home to get it this could be gone before i get back, so i get on the cold sidewalk, wipe away the dirt and grease around this ones serial number and snap a picture with my phone, while this happens a man walks up and asks if i am passed out.

i then call the cops, explain to them my situation. i filed a police report last year and gave them the serial number, so they have it, i read to them the one i just got from the picture and they tell me the news, it doesnt match. its not my bike. i was ready for that, but im pretty damn sure it came from the same shop.

i'll keep looking though, my bicycle is out there and i will get it back someday.

same bicycle, different owner apparently.

later days

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