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Reading Again
Posted on 04 Feb 2015 By Colin

A few weeks ago I stumbled upon a webcomic i never read before, Dumbing of Age. I comes with a large archive and i just left my computer on and the browser up for a day or two as i read it all. I think a whole new story to read kickstarted me wanting to re-read other comics that i stopped checking ages ago. A week later I then decided to re-read Megatokyo. This one took longer to read but i think this time i can say i really enjoyed it, some older comics are a bit outdated with gamer references that are no longer used, l33t speak being one of them but overall it was good.

I guess this slow buildup of reading then left the screen and i decided to tackle the large pile of books i still have to read, first i started with the sci-fi stuff. I recently purchased a new book but i had two books ahead of it in the same series to read first. This led to marathon reading which i am not overly known for, but in three days i read about 700 pages. I used reading as a filler for when i got bored of a task or for a simple break between chores when normally i would mindlessly browse the internet. this actually helped with chores, i wouldnt be distracted by youtube videos, twitter, etc. i even did chores related to reading, i organized my books, my big wingback chair that we lately have been using as a big coatrack was finally cleaned off and i can sit in it for the first time in maybe months.

next week maybe i'll try to re-read the webcomics Diesel Sweeties, or Something Positive. Those two will take ages.

later days

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