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Posted on 09 Feb 2015 By Colin

Ok so clearly im still getting the hang of posting to here regularly, i had planned to post at least every other day, five days later however, yah, not exactly stellar schedule keeping.

This weekend i decided to take a break from minecraft which is super addictive to play another game which for me also has an allure of digital heroin, Doom. Well actually Doom2 and more importantly the doom2 level editor. i can like a game, but if that game has a level editor and i can make my own levels, scenarios, etc. then that game jumps up a notch in awesomeness.

This is the first time i've played doom on the new desktop computers i noticed that while the graphics are old and pixelated, it now runs a lot smoother. This is something i think gets overlooked. Company A makes a great game, next they try to make a follow up and spend all that time and newer hardware capability on graphics instead of a better running game. i would rather a game have bigger levels and more things going on instead of a game that chunks on a dozen guys in the screen at once but thats ok cuz check out these shaders and that lens flare.

i would be glad if someone brought Goldeneye from the N64, gave it a few more customization options, the old levels, new larger levels, and allowed me to play twenty or thirty people at once, hell those graphics are twenty years old, lets say 50 players at once just to round it off to a nice big number.

everyone else can go play skyrim and gta5 or whatever else the cool kids are playing, i'll be here playing doom2 and i'll be happy as fuck playing it.

later days

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