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Posted on 15 Feb 2016 By Colin

So today is my cat Bingo's birthday, today she is seven years old.

i recently have been thinking about social media, as someone who spurs most facets of it that topic comes up often. i realized that most of my closest geologically nearest friends (does that make sense?) havent used twitter in at least six months, others havent used it in two years. my distant friends in nova scotia also havent used it recently either, it just leaves local city hall reporters and those who i dont really know but live in the city who i follow and categorize as "local strangers" as my primary twitter feed.

do you unfollow friends you see somewhat often when they default on their digital mortgage, their online impression, do you just leave their account on your followers/following list when you know they have no intent of doing anything with their account?

this is likely a small question in a bigger inquiry about a retreat i have in mind about web two-point-oh and whatever successor it gave birth to that no one cared about because they were all focuses on how many followers they were getting at the time.

if we're both lucky tomorrow i'll tell you a boring adventure about me buying a pair of brown pants.

later days

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