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Mid-summer compliance
Posted on 09 Aug 2016 By Colin

Ugh. Thats a great start.

At least once a year, usually after a short trip somewhere I go a bit MIA online. I've just realized after my trip back to the east coast last month that is has occured again. I just check social media a little bit less and less, i usually substitute it with tv or movies or this newfangled thing they invented called "outside in the summer". Seriously have you seen our weather here in Toronto? Back east we'd be lucky to get the odd day that is 30C, but a week here of upper 30's or even 40C, yes please.

So as a method to slowly reintroduce myself to the online world again the obvious thing to do would be to update my site. It's a terrible thing what little I've done with it over the years but I've started to rethink its purpose and what I should put here. It also didnt help that the webhost updated its PHP and now the old php on every site i hosted suddenly no longer worked. I'll have to scrounge around for a php programmer who wants to fix some syntax for a case of beer.

the new goals for this site: post more often, at least twice a week, update the design, and get some help with php.

later days

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