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Toss Back Thursday: The Thing (1982)
Posted on 11 Aug 2016 By Colin

This movie is old and so am I. And this is one of the rare horror/thriller movies that I actually like. I'm generally not a fan of them, I don't consider getting scared to be entertaining so the only way I'll watch one is if I find the story to be genuinely entertaining. That or if its cool looking, no one's ever really considered the Aliens franchise to be well written but I'll be damned if I won't watch every single one of those suckers.

I always avoided this movie because I was aware it was a horror/thriller flick and that's not my thing, pun not intended. But one night in college in the computer labs, two classmates said they were going to watch a movie and I should watch it, "It's horror but it's good, you'll enjoy it." they said. Already anxious because I was about to watch a horror movie in a darkened computer lab (they insisted on watching it in the dark). We grabbed the comfy chairs from a neighbouring area, hooked up better speakers that we snagged from another computer lab. The opening credits were barely started when BANG! a loud noise sounded out and I just about jumped out of my fucking human skin-suit. One of the just setup speakers wasn't balanced properly and fell off the back of the desk hitting the radiator below. They tried to say sorry for laughing at me while continuing to laugh, but honestly it got a big fright out of my system and I felt better after that and enjoyed the movie.

For a 80's movie when they normally dont like to show too much of the monster because that could risk showing shoddy prop work, The Thing shows nearly everything in plain light, up close, from the start and keeps showing you new twisted amazing effects that made today would probably just look like way too much uncanny valley CGI. I think they actually did do a remake, I'll probably have to check it out but I'm not gonna hold my breath waiting for a good movie.

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