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Getting back on the road
Posted on 02 Jan 2017 By Colin

It seems every Janruary I show up here, a bit discheveled, saying I'll start updating again, but this time I mean it! no really, stop laughing.

I think my problem with updating here was that if i worked on the site i felt guilty about other tasks that should be done instead, then i felt guilty about not posting. The crazy part is when I DO post i feel a bit better, even a small victory helps and they say you should break-up your workload because small victories lead to other small victories, completed tasks and before you know it you're somehow a fully functioning adult.

There's about ninety days of cold weather left in the year, sure april can be gentle sometimes or like last year it was brutally cold in its own damp way, but it would never be as cold as it is now with -17C temperatures. But I plan on going out in that weather, on the bicycle. In 2015 I came up with a simple system, figured out a calm 10km bike route that took bike lanes or quiet backstreets. Now i bike quite a bit anyways, but in these cold temperatures the rides are usually short, pizza place, grocery store, beer store. But in 2015 I challenged myself to do 100km of biking each month for jan-feb-march, more if I could to help bank some distance incase I came up short during those three months. This is because winter doesnt co-operate and sometimes you get decent weather, other times the roads are too risky to ride on. But I did it, i recall i was short a bit in jan and feb but march I took advantage of all warm weather and got out on the road.

The result was noticable.

I wasn't looking any better than before, its not a method for getting the summer beach body, but I was far better at biking by the time april came around when compared to other years when I'd be gasping for air.

Of course in 2015 I also got bronchitis for the first time ever, infact I got it twice, first in feb, second in october. After this during the 2016 winter I noticed if i biked hard in cold weather I would feel it for a bit in my lungs. Now way too worried about getting sick again, I didnt repeat the winter ride quota and this april again i was sucking wind when i knew i could ride better. A fix had to be found and I found it at mark's work warehouse.

I figured a simple facemask would help, it could keep the air in my mouth and lungs a bit warmer and I'd avoid the wind's cold bite. I learned it doesnt quite cover my beard so that pokes out at the bottom but in -10C weather and colder it does the trick, i've biked in -20C weather so far and my lungs didn't have that familiar raspy itching feeling afterwards that makes me worry if im going to get sick again. Now its not the best mask but I wasn't going to spend a lot of money when i didn't know if it would work, next winter I'll search for a better one. as for now, I'm off in -17C to bike at least 10km, the first ten kilometres out of three hundred.

later days

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